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Elaine C. Pereira

The impetus for writing the book:

“My mother’s journey is a story that needed to be told and inspired by many casual but genuine remarks such as ‘You should write a book’, I did. My mother was a great mom, not unlike all great moms, except that she was mine. I was not the easy kid to raise, that would have been my brother, but as Mom slid down I stepped up. Motivated to share my unwitting mistakes but also the successful strategies and humorous stories of love, I Will Never Forget emerged. I am humbled and honored to have been able to give back to the woman who gave so much and blessed to have many great friends and family who supported me in my endeavor to write I Will Never Forget.”


About the Author:

Elaine C. Pereira retired as a school Occupational Therapist in 2010, but continues to maintain her registration and license. She worked primarily with special needs children but also decades in adult rehab and home care. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Wayne State University and later completed her Master’s. Pereira and her husband Joseph live in southeastern Michigan with their cat, Snoopy, and two big dogs, Bailey and Maddee. Together Elaine and Joseph have five adult children; Joe’s three sons and Elaine’s twin daughters and five young grandchildren. Life is good again.